TUMP [EP#69 - 127 Hours] [Guest: Merrill Barr]

So this week on the podcast Douglas and I discuss what Damion should’ve done to survive when he accidentally ended up under a rock while out canyoneering while we discuss Danny Boyle‘s 127 Hours.

Guest: Merrill Barr from Film School Rejects, Fat Guys at the Movies & MerrillBarr.com

Show Notes

What We Watched
Merrill Barr (00:02:11): Unstoppable, Nikita
Douglas (00:11:29): The Kids Are All Right, Better Mus’ Come, The League
Damion (00:18:14): Alcoholocaust, Dexter, Terriers, The Walking Dead
Andrew (00:28:12): Wild Grass, Funny Girl, The Chorus Line, Halloween, Due Date

Trailers (00:41:48): Skyline, Jane Eyre, No Strings Attached vs. Friends with Benefits

Review (00:58:18): 127 Hours

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