The Unnamed Movie Podcast [Episode 60 - Inception]

This week we’re joined by a friend of ours, John, as we discuss the idea of going in each others minds and trying to make each other seem more awesome than we think as we review Inception.

Show Notes

What We Watched:

John (00:01:51): Dark Blue, Ninja Scroll (TV), Black Lagoon
Andrew (00:08:03): Repo Men UNRATED
Damion (00:13:02): Avatar (TV), Kill Bill Vol. 1, Black Books, La Femme Nikita (TV)
Douglas (00:24:12): Rurouni Kenshin, A Town Called Panic, The Losers

Trailers (00:34:32): Drive Angry, Sucker Punch

Review (00:53:20): Inception

Discuss (01:43:32): Most Overrated Science Fiction Film

Additional Notes:

Andrew’s Special Guest Appearance on the MatineeCast

Rex Reed’s mind bogglingly poor review of Inception

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  • Mad Hatter

    Oh man…what did I ever do to upset you?

    Not only do you plug our handiwork on my podcast at the very last second of this show…but you don’t even give your fans details on whwre they can find it…AND…you forgo my usual Mad Hatter/Matineecast/Dark of The Matinee labels and instead unveil my secret identity!

  • Andrew Robinson

    lol… it just happened dude… I have a link to the podcast in the show notes :P

    Hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me

  • Gretchen O. Goldstein

    There are different interpretations of this film. I think Cobb was dreaming the whole time :)