Movie Review: Repo Men UNRATED (2010)

Imagine a future where we have successfully created mechanical replacements for your organs.  Therein enters the ‘Union’.  They will happily sell you a lung, kidney, liver and/or heart and make sure to put you on a payment plan that will suit your lifestyle.  However, if for some reason or another you happen to fall behind on your payments then they will be there to repossess their property.  Remy (Jude Law) and Jake (Forest Whitaker) are two of the best repo-men who work for the union and are each other’s best friend from the fourth grade.  After an accident during a job Remy is hurt and ends up receiving a state-of-the-art mechanical heart.  With this change in his life he somehow can’t find the fortitude to be a repo man anymore and begins to have to deal with being an overdue client with repo men coming after him.

The premise is interesting enough to bring me into this film, but somehow the director gets bogged down with the problem of inserting too much ridiculous blood and gore into every scene that it becomes less than a mediocre movie.  Jude Law continues to perplex me.  He is one of the most likeable actors on screen and somehow I can never seem to say that he gave a good performance.  Forest Whitaker is an Oscar winning actor and I wouldn’t dare to say a bad word about him, but I’m sure even he knew walking in that this was a weak script and wouldn’t amount to more than a two-hour snooze fest that only a rifftrax audio commentary would save.

The biggest problem I had with this movie is that I wanted to like it.  Last year I saw a movie with a similar premise, Repo: The Genetic Opera, and with all of its over the top blood and guts that it showed in that movie – which was a musical – I still enjoyed it.  Here however, even though the director, Miguel Sapochnik, tried to insert all the fun elements of Whitaker and Law having fun together for the first half and hour – before the accident occurs – the film just never seems to land on its feet perfectly.

So once you’ve gotten past the first thirty to forty minutes of setup then we get to suffer through the last ninety minutes of boring drama about how Law’s character has to run from the repo men and how he decides to try and help Beth (Alice Braga).  The problem with the third act of this movie isn’t that it isn’t believable or good; it’s that by the time we reach that stage of the movie I had already given up.  At one point I was wondering if I was even trying to like this movie anymore.

Liev Schreiber plays the role of Frank in the film.  Frank is the man who manages all the repo men and sales of all the artificial organs.   He is the administrator and doesn’t think about who these people are other than their wallets.  It’s kind of hilarious to realize that Frank knows going into this relationship that he and the client aren’t entering this relationship with the intention of the client paying off his account and eventually moving on to owning his new artificial organ, this contract they sign is all about the client just extending his life by a year or so until he can’t afford the payments anymore.

The movie is something that you won’t hate yourself for watching in the end if you like bloody stupid stories, but at the same time you won’t feel anything but worriment when you look back and try to remember what you did with your last two hours when the movie ends.

IMDB says 6.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes says 22%

I say 3.5/10