The Unnamed Movie Podcast [Episode 51 - Mysterious Skin]

This week Damion tells us the tale of how he was abducted by aliens while I tell him the truth as we review Gregg Araki‘s Mysterious Skin.

Show Notes

What We Watched:
Damion [00:01:50]: Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut, Why We Laugh, Defendor, Kick-Ass, The Fifth Element, The Big Hit, Zombieland, Peacock, Justified
Andrew [00:16:13]: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Patton, This is Spinal Tap

Discuss: Top 5 Breakout Performances [00:23:26]

Jack Nicholson in LAST Vegas [00:33:54]
Ghost Rider 2 without Nick Cage? [00:37:10]
Woody Allen details on Midnight in Paris [00:39:55]
TV shows dying [00:45:42]

The Disappearance of Alice Creed [00:48:25]
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse [00:51:18]

Review: Mysterious Skin [00:58:06]

Additional Notes:
Boiling Point: Stay on Target

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