The Unnamed Movie Podcast [Episode 44 - Das Boot]

With Douglas out of commission Damion and I sail the high seas in a huge submarine under the command of Capt. Lt. Willenbrock in Das Boot. Show Notes What We Watched Andrew [00:00:55]: Nine, Daybreakers, Pontypool, Give 'Em Hell Malone, Trucker Damion [00:08:27]: Trucker, The Book of Eli, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men News Sam Worthington may be Proyas' Dracula:Year Oneu [00:23:43] 3D news: Ghostbuster 3, Gremlins 3, Clash of the Titans, Harry Potter 7 [00:28:03] Reboot News: Weekend at Bernies, Mortal Kombat [00:36:10] George Lucas to make CG Musical [00:39:12] Avatar made $1.8 Billion internationally [00:40:50] Trailers City Island [00:43:27] Cyrus [00:47:39] Review: Das Boot (1981) [00:55:36] Extra Notes Is 3D getting out of Hand? The Book of Eli [Movie Review] The Top Ten End of the World Films The Top Ten Revenge Films Thanks for listening and feel free to let us know what you think either through the comments below or email us here.  You can subscribe to the podcast via our RSS, The Podcast Alley or iTunes.  It would be awesome if you would rate/review us on iTunes (we’ll read your reviews on the show.  You can also catch us broadcast the show live every Wednesday night at 9PMEST on ustream. You can also become a part of the decision process of what we talk about in the show by joining us on the Google Wave here.  If you want to become a Google Wave user and need an invite email me here and I’ll invite you (I have a good amount just sitting there).
  • SameOldG

    I just watched the uncut version of Das Boot movie…or I think they call it a mini-series (I love war shows). I think it is a masterpiece. It shows the differences between the experienced and fresh crewmen and also all the tensions and hazards of being on a submarine. And the actual mission was….I think….to try and cut off supply convoys from crossing the Atlantic into Britain, but I think the stage at which this movie is set is when the British were just figuring out how to fend off the U-boats with new detection technology and escorting the convoys with Destroyers. I like how the captain kinda hates the guys at the top making the decisions for them yet respects his enemy, almost admiring them….