The Unnamed Movie Podcast [Episode 38 - I've Loved You So Long]


This week the Damion tries to help Douglas return to the world after doing a 15 year stint in the joint as we discuss I’ve Loved You So Long.

Show Notes

What We Watched this Week
[00:03:02] Andrew: Armored, Good Hair, Cars (Blu-Ray)
[00:10:59] Douglas: Astro Boy
[00:14:13] Damion: Afro Samurai, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans, Extract, You’re Welcome America: A Final Night with George Bush, Law Abiding Citizen, 2012

[00:37:09] Top 5 Christmas Films

No More Harvey for Spielberg [00:51:04]
Alyson Hannigan says no to Buffy Movie [00:52:35]
Maybe Josh Brolin will be in Black for 3? [00:53:12]
Hunger Director Steve McQueen will be doing a Fela Kuti Biopic next [00:54:14]
Paul Thomas Anderson will be doing Religious next with Phillip Seymour Hoffman [00:55:40]

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice [00:58:46]
Brooklyn’s Finest [01:02:23]
Death at a Funeral [01:07:38]
What’s Up Lovely [01:11:00]

Review: I’ve Loved You So Long [01:13:20]

I've Loved You So Long

Additional Notes
Michael Bay directed a Victoria Secret ad

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