The Unnamed Movie Podcast [Episode 35 - The Lives of Others]


This week our fearless hosts attempt to understand the socialist Germay while trying not t be heard by the Stasi.

Show Notes

What We Watched
[00:01:00] Andrew: Ponyo on the Cliff, Labyrinth, The Usual Suspects, The Informers, Say Anything…
[00:05:43] Douglas: Amadeus, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, A Christmas Carol, 2012
[00:12:20] Damion: Black Dynamite, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Super Troopers, M, Smallville

Editors hired to chop up Wolfman [00:19:31]
Universal sued for Fourth Kind Marketing [00:21:26]
Monopoly plot revealed [00:25:37]
Marc Webb/Bennet Mitchell may be directing Moneyball? [00:28:30]
Digital Downloads getting special? [00:31:28]

North Face [00:50:12]
Leaves of Grass [00:53:11]
Crazy Heart [00:58:29]

Review: The Lives of Others [01:06:35]

The Lives of Others

North Face’s director (Phillip Stolzl) did not direct The Lives of Others (which was directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)

Additional Notes
10 Great Films That Prove Slow Isn’t Always Boring
Warner Bros. launch DVD2Blu campaign.

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  • Jen

    Ponyo was made more for kids, that’s why you didn’t enjoy it as much. Not as adult. I just found your blog and podcast. I have never heard a movie blogger with an accent like yours. I think I’ll have to listen all the time!