The Unnamed Movie Podcast [Episode 30 - Trick r' Treat] [Guest: Jack Giroux from and]


This week our hosts are joined by Jack Giroux from and to discuss the latest of the halloween genre that has found it's way on DVD, Trick R Treat. Show Notes Guest: Jack Giroux from and What We Watched [00:01:38] Jack: Where the Wild Things Are, The Assassination of a High School President, Law Abiding Citizen [00:05:58] Damion: Saw, Last House on the Left, Midnight Meat Train, The Transporter Trilogy, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [00:16:46] Andrew: Drunken Master, Thief, Funny People, Traffic News Rumor: Ivan Reitman attached to direct Ghostbusters 3? [00:26:31] Ellen Page writes Stich n' Bitch [00:32:03] Retelling of the story of Moses... in 300 style??? [00:35:31] Trailers Toy Story 3 [00:41:29] Me and Orson Welles [00:49:30] Uncertainty [01:01:19] Review: Trick R Treat [01:08:24]

Trick R Treat

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