Tweet Questions – Favourite Steven Soderbergh film?

Twitter - Soderbergh

The past week Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, The Informant, was released in the USA and I can’t wait to see it whenever the powers that be decide to allow me to.  So in turn I decided to ask twitter this week:

question - soderbergh

As usual I tend to randomly ask questions on my twitter you can follow me @gmanreviews and look out for whenever I ask stuff and you may get your twitter account featured here on the site.


soderbergh - adamluo


soderbergh - addamh


soderbergh - bigdumbmale


soderbergh - ethanves


soderbergh - jrwells82


soderbergh - kevincarr


soderbergh - moviefanboys


soderbergh - mylesloughhead


soderbergh - owsler

As usual I’d like to thank everyone for participating, and keep watching out who knows.  Remember to sign up for twitter and follow me @gmanreviews.

  • Shannon the Movie Moxie

    I guess I would have been the only one to say Solaris…