The Unnamed Movie Podcast [Episode 20 - Max Manus]


So let me start by letting everyone know that we’ve been broadcasting but I haven’t published the episodes recorded due to some bad recording.  So here is the first recording in the past four weeks that didn’t turn out horrible.  There are some points in the recording where distortion occurs but the episode is still pretty listenable and I hope you guys enjoy it.

In the two episodes that I didn’t release we had Alex Billington from and Jack Giroux from

Keeping up to date:

  1. Rear Window [00:01:45]
  2. Bronson [00:04:15]
  3. Sunset Blvd [00:08:39]
  4. True Romance [The Tarantino Cut] [00:10:40]

Classic Film Marathon: Some Like it Hot [1959] [00:17:16]


  1. Darren Aronofsky and Robocop Drama [00:29:01]
  2. From Paris with Love get’s Poster [00:34:50]
  3. Shia LaBeouf still wants in to Y: The Last Man [00:39:36]
  4. The Paper Man Poster [00:42:59]
  5. Palace Amusement might be installing Digital 3D [00:45:43]
  6. The Academy expanding the Best Picture Category for 10 Nominees [00:54:03]
  7. Oldboy remake in legal trouble [00:56:55]


  1. The Last Airbender [01:07:07]
  2. 2012 [01:17:34]
  3. The Box [01:25:17]

Feature Review: Max Manus [2008] [01:34:02]


Extra Notes
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Year One review at
My Lovely By Surprise Review

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