‘The Gift’ Unnerves Oneself More Than Most


In the world of the film blogosphere we love to heaps mountains upon mountains of adulation all over films that spark originality — and for good reason — whether it be original in narrative or technical. However, at times originality isn’t always the only way to be praised, perfecting that which has existed forever is also a way of being praised.

The world seems to be divided on Edgerton’s The Gift. There’s the one half that sits and just rolls their eyes as Edgerton’s film moves from point to point without being surprised at all because it leans so heavily on the world of these sorts of thrillers that came before it; and the other half that stands up in applause at Edgerton’s ability to craft something so lovely that we almost forget that the tropes have been there forever. I happen to be a part of the later and proudly so. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#213 – The Wolfpack]


This week on TUMP we talk about lots of things. Expect lots of changes in how this podcast works, it’ll be very free form from now on with us just going in and out of topics and you guys will more or less get a raw episode most weeks and I’ll just list below (without timestamps) the topics discussed. Continue reading

TUMP [Bonus: July Fantasy Results]


It’s been about 3 months since the last TUMP posting and while I’m sure promises were made the last time I made a comeback here I am again about to do it all over again.

Let’s start with sorry… and let’s move from there.

We return on a Fantasy update week with the month of July to be discussed. Ed and Jack are MIA but the rest of the gang are here to talk about what we saw and how that panned out at the box office. Continue reading

Class of ’53: Stalag 17


In my childhood I grew up  on a lot of classic television. Some which many know, the likes of The Cosby Show, Sanford and Son & The Jeffersons. Some not that many know of, like Faulty Towers, Keeping Up Appearances and Black Adder. One show, which I’m uncertain which category it falls into, was Hogan’s Heroes. It’s a show placed in a German POW (prisoners of war) camp with an array of American characters all trying to just get by. THAT’S THIS MOVIE! And I didn’t know that. Continue reading