TUMP [EP#219 – Mistress America]


Another week and another show on time, this means I’ve actually caught you guys up. This time we talk about the new Baumbach film with Gerwig and co. as they bring us back to the niche world of NYC dreams of lives that never really happen no matter how many dreams we concoct of our lives. Continue reading

TUMP Filmmakers [Series 1: Tom Tykwer] [Pt. 2 – 3 (2010)]


It’s been delayed but we soldier on through the world of Tom Tykwer. As of right now we’ve actually recorded all of the Tykwer conversations and I’m certain within the next week the final two episodes will be released. So look forward to that and enjoy them at you’re own pace.

This time around we look at his 2010 film 3 (Drei) in which “love triangle” gets redefined to Tykwer’s delight. Continue reading

TUMP [EP#218 – Spectre]


The podcast returns with Bond, James Bond as he deals with the world of death that surrounds him we jabber on about the cars of Bond and why we love this franchise so dearly. So enjoy: Continue reading

TUMP [Bonus – Fantasy League Oct 2015 Results]


We return to discuss films of the month of October and how we all stacked up in this year’s ongoing fantasy league. I realize I’ve had the main page of data completely out of date for those listening in trying to track how each team is doing this year and I hope to update that in the coming days. However, until then let’s ride around Mars to some disco and talk movies of October: Continue reading

TUMP Filmmakers [Series 1: Tom Tykwer] [Pt. 1 – Heaven (2002)]


This is a new sub-series of TUMP that I’d like to introduce to you all. We will, throughout the year, pick filmmakers we would like to introduce ourselves to and we will pick 4 or 5 of their films to discuss over the span of a month or more and will release these short conversations on them. Feel free to join in.

We would like to start this new series with the German filmmaker, Tom Tykwer, and his 2002 film HeavenContinue reading